The "Freakin' Deacon" Dawson
His knack for spinning records and filling radio airtime with chatter has allowed him to be a radio personality on the Grand Strand for 25 years.  He performs Stand Up Comedy and Impressions and emcees local functions. Moonlighting as a character actor in Television, Commercials and Motion Pictures, performing Voice-Overs, and writing and recording novelty songs are all activities that Deac enjoys. An appearance in a music video with Alabama, who are good friends of his, was a highlight in his career.

deac art

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FreakinDeacon.com - Of all the things Deac does well, ART is near the top of the list. Check out his illustrations and lots more "Freakin' projects"!

Deac's IMDB Page - He ACTS TOO! Professional Actor - it doesn't mean you're good, it just means you got paid before they kicked you off the set ;-). You've probably seen him and didn't KNOW it was your Sweet Daddy on the screen! From Mattlock, to Runaway Jury to his latest gig in the smash Identity Thief, he rocks the wacky character thing!