John (The Pilot) Van Pelt
Studio 5-R in Raleigh, NC USA


My love for radio started during my cafeteria broadcasts at WSHS, Sanderson High's station... then it was on to weekends at WRNC in Raleigh. After being on WKNC at NC State, WQDR & WPTF in Raleigh, NC... all at the same time, in college... I got the call from Greg Fowler to come to Rock 102 in Myrtle Beach. I said "uhhh... YEAH!" and that was my first fulltime radio gig. There was no better place on earth for a 20 year old to learn radio (party, party, party, sleep, eat, go on the air... rinse and repeat!!)

Upon returning to NC to finish up at State, I got another call - and ended up doing Mornings at G105, becoming the number one morning jock in the market when the STATION swept the ratings. I later did afternoons at 94Z in Raleigh, part-timed at WRDU, then the 'new' ZZU.

From radio to commercial production, to Macintosh consulting, I ended up in the agency business. Now having reconnected with Deacon, Banana Jack and Pat after 25 years, QRockRadio has become the realization of a dream I didin't know I had until March 2009.

Now we're starting our fifth year and it's still fun every day!


Storm Education Team - John's passion for severe weather and disaster safety is evident here. Read and learn! QRockRadio listeners benefit from all these resources for 'safety's sake'!