NOAA Weather All Hazards Alert Radios - Lifesaving Early Warnings!


BE SAFER with the radio you've seen on TV! It could be the only warning you get when every second counts.

One of these radios is the best way to get EARLY WARNING without working for the weather service! This NOAA weather radio will alert you to severe weather threats 24/7 and it won't wake you with alerts for areas far away.
It plays a loud alert tone, then the audio report from the National Weather Service.

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This radio also displays a bright LED to let you know it's alerted while you were away and shows you the text for the type of threat on the LCD screen for the duration of the threat. For example if there's a Tornado Warning from 3p.m.-3:30p.m., the unit will display "TORNADO " and the RED "Warning" LED for 30 minutes, then reset itself. It even counts down the time until the alert expires so if you come home and find it's alerted, you'll know how long the threat still exists.

You choose the counties for which you want alerts and the radio comes to you programmed and ready to plug in - it even has backup batteries included! You can also take it with you to get warnings when you travel. Anytime, just press the weather button and get the current conditions, the forecast, tropical updates, recreational forecasts, and more - all day, every day. And the information is free - no subscription fees - your taxes already pay for it!

Visit the NOAA weather radio site for more general information from the National Weather Service.

Make sure you have spare batteries for your NOAA Weather Alert radio AND your portable AM/FM radio too! Learn more about the best batteries for your emergency supplies kit