Pat (J. Patrick) Milan
Studio 44-L in Minneapolis , Minnesota USA

Pat is the original QCrew member who did the very first afternoon drive-time shows at Rock 102 in Myrtle Beach, SC. Why afternoon drive you ask? Well that’s when he got out of school – Myrtle Beach High School – that is.

During his 4 years at the Q (73-77) Milan was sought out by Chicago rocker WCFL. Pat shocked the program director when he informed him he was only 16 and needed to finish high school before he could take a job in Chicago (parents are such sticklers for education before fun!)

Pat left the Q (actually he was pushed out the door by Bill Hennecy) to go to journalism school at USC. He was one of the youngest reporters ever to win an Emmy-Award at age 20. After working as a reporter for TV stations in Savannah , Orlando and Minneapolis.

When he’s not at his new agency, or on the air at QRockRadio, Pat is in Key West where his wife makes him paint the picket fence surrounding their latest project – The Key Lime Inn. Pat is married to actress, Caroline Kaiser and they have three kids.