This is a killer resource for ALL of your preparation needs.

Only your local officials can issue evacuation orders in an emergency!
Only the National Hurricane Center & Weather Service can make offical forecasts and issue Watches, Warnings and Advisories.

Everything else you see on TV weather is entertainment-based. Private weather organizations CAN say what they think and relay government information, BUT only government sources make decisions that affect what you should do in an emergency.

Watch this video produced to help American families prepare for disasters, putting the Plan. Prepare. Protect. philosophy in a very concise and easy to understand format.

Whether a particular storm threatens you or not, Go Over Your Family Plan and Get Your Emergency Supplies NOW!

If You Have A NOAA Weather Radio, Make Sure It Has Fresh Batteries! Tornadoes Spawned By Tropical Systems Can Strike With Little or No Warning, So Keep Your Eyes AND Ears Open! If you DON'T have one, GET one!

If You're In An Affected Area Visit Your Local National Weather Service Site
For Updates And Emergency Information!